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Monitor, analyze, draw conclusions from the data. Our customers save an average of 30% in costs, after implementing the software. It’s easier than you think!

forklift software
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How our forklift software works?

From task allocation to business results

The forklift operators have tablets mounted inside the forklifts. New orders constantly appear on the screen. Operators get a orders by clicking a button on the tablet. They then proceed to complete the task. When they finish, they press the button again and are ready to take on the next order.

Takeover of the task

The operator sees the new task on the ablet screen located inside the forklift. If it is currently free he takes it up by pressing a button in the application.

task completed

When the operator finishes his task, he clicks the button again in the application. The system notes the completion of the task. The forklift operator is ready to take on the next task.


The system records information about the tasks performed and presents the data in an easy-to-interpret form. Thanks to this, you can have accurate data on how forklifts work in your organization. This will allow you to receive data, to answer how to reduce costs.

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forklift system

Key features of the forklift software


fast forwarding of tasks

The appearance of orders on the tablet screen speeds up task completion. It promotes improved work organization and enhances safety.

forklift software
forklift software

Ease of use

Intuitive use of the system

The fact that the system is very simple and intuitive your employees can use it quickly and freely. Transparent analytics in your hands is the source of accurate decisions.